Peppers Can Help Lose Weight?

On our News Page today we have a story from NPR about research into the ability of mild peppers to burn more calories. Reporter April Fulton says:

Research presented at theExperimental Biology meeting in Anaheim, California, (namesake of one of our favorite peppers)shows that dihydrocapsiate (DCT) –a chemical found in a strain of mild chile peppers — has helped some people boost their metabolism without the tongue-burning side effects.

While this study is not conclusive and requires more research, experts say even if it does work, it’s not a magic solution to your fat problems.

Still, as boring as it sounds, an overall good diet and regular exercise are the key to weight loss. “If you have chocolate cake with your chili pepper, you’re not going to lose any weight,” says David Heber of UCLA’s Center for Human Nutrition.

So, click on over to our News Page and read more. Even if it doesn’t melt the fat away, it just might help.