Read Those Ingredients

Do you really look at the ingredient list when you buy something at the supermarket? I know I often do. But I don’t think very many people really do, even if they say they do in surveys. I never see anyone in the grocery store reading the labels. Many people will plead that they’re too busy or that it’s all the same. But if you’re going by the picture on the package, you may be getting fooled.

These things came to mind after reading a review of a new documentary film once again indicting the processed food industry for misleading claims and advertising. Blueberries were the focus of the review. Many products that feature beautiful images of these delicious fruits actually have no real blueberries in them. Instead, they have blueberry-flavored bits made of sugar, soybean oil, flavoring and artificial colors.

Sounds appetizing, right? No, you can buy all kinds of berries and fruits in season to put on your cereal or in other dishes. You can make your own blueberry syrup to use as a flavoring or on top of pancakes. Just boil frozen blueberries with a little water and sugar.

The morale of the story is: read the ingredient list. If there’s anything you don’t recognize as food, consider moving on to something else.