Recipes: Mac & 3 Cheeses – Lose the Box

By now you probably know that I don’t much like processed food. I also know it’s hard to avoid. There’s just so much of it. And it’s so cheap. But it’s so bad for you. I’m beggin’ you. Lose the darn blue box! You know why kids like it? Because it tastes good. It tastes good because they load it with sugar, fat and salt. Plus, the kids are subjected to advertising that features kids just like them and a cartoon dinosaur. They’ve been fed this pseudo-food so much they prefer it to the real thing.

Macaroni and cheese is an American classic. There are dozens of great recipes for homemade macaroni and cheese that makes the other stuff taste like the cardboard it came in. But I found this decadent way of making this classic dish that was just too tempting. So, on our Recipes Page, we have a great way of making Macaroni and Three Cheeses that will knock your socks off.

Party Sugar of the blog Yum Sugar describes it this way:

I made this savory and somewhat classic macaroni and three cheeses. Parmesan, white cheddar, and Gorgonzola are combined with a onion-infused b├ęchamel. The addition of Worcestershire sauce may seem odd, but I assure you, it gives a subtle tang to the sauce and mellows out the pungency of the blue cheese.

Now, this isn’t a quick and easy version. But it doesn’t take that much time, either. And it makes a lot. But if you like macaroni and cheese, you won’t mind having leftovers for later. A minute in the microwave and you can return to carbohydrate heaven.

One final note. What really irks me about these boxed macaroni and cheese products is that the manufacturers can make them more healthy if they want to. The same company that makes that awful blue box stuff with the powdered sauce mix also makes a slightly better version with sauce in a pouch. It’s still not good for you, but it’s a little better. At least it has a little real cheese in it. But I think once you have the real thing, everything else will seem like a salty mess.