Revisiting the beginning

We’re rerunning some of our earlier posts here at The Bachelor’s Kitchen for those of you who started reading a little later. The following post is one of our first, telling you what this blog and website are all about. 

Where to begin? Why, at the beginning, of course!

So, first things first. Kitchen equipment.

There are two general categories of kitchen equipment: cooking and eating. Each of these can be divided into three levels. You move through these levels as your skills, funds and interests improve and grow.

The first level is Kitchen Basics. These are the absolute minimum things you need to fix a meal and eat it.

After you have accumulated the basics, you can move on to the next level, Intermediate. This group includes items which are useful and commonly utilized. It also includes basic tableware for a small group or a couple. This is where you really get cooking, exploring new dishes, foods, cuisines and techniques.

And then there is the Chef and Host/Hostess level which includes all the fun toys and fancy utensils. These are things that you certainly don’t need but want to have if you can afford it. This also includes the fancier dining utensils and serving pieces.

But we won’t stop there. Once you have a few things that allow you to cook and eat, it’s time to start cooking. That mean learning a few techniques. It’s time to start thinking about strategies. Like anything else, practice will make it better. And it’s time to learn about your relationship with food, not just for special needs like diets. It’s also about learning to respect your food, where it comes from and to respect yourself.

There will be disasters along the way. But we learn from that. If you have a cooking disaster story, please share it with us in the comments below.