Slime As Food For Kids?

Sometimes food writers just have to bow to those who can say it even better than we can. That’s true in this article from David Fagen about what kids in schools are really eating. This is disgusting. Even after all the publicity chef jaime Oliver has given to this issue, apparently not everyone is getting the message.

“How bad does this stuff have to be to be dropped by the food versions of Gordon Gekko? Granted, celeb chef Jamie Oliver played a big part, but the “slime” was exposed for what it is. Literally, garbage. Nonetheless, this junk is now well on its way to becoming a key ingredient in your child’s school lunch. If that doesn’t make you ‘sick to your stomach,’ nothing will.”  –  David Fagen, “What’s the Beef?

Read the full article if you haven’t already heard about this. We can certainly do better than this.