Sprouts Continue Sickening Consumers

The new for the Jimmy John’s sandwich shop chain continues to be nothing but bad. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any commercials for this chain in recent weeks. But maybe that’s just me.

Earlier in the week, news broke that Jimmy John’s was facing more lawsuits from customers who were sickened by contaminated sprouts on their sandwiches. And we’ve mentioned earlier about how the chain has decided to drop sprouts from its menus because of all the problems. Jimmy John’s has already switched from different kinds and brands of sprouts to stay ahead of the problems. But that effort has not worked.

CDC map of Jimmy John's sprout cases.

The spread of contamination among different types of sprouts has continued unabated.

Two new cases of sickness from e. coli contamination in sprouts at Jimmy John’s restaurants have brought to total to 14 cases in six states. These were clover sprouts. The restaurant chain has already dropped the alfalfa sprouts they had been using after an outbreak of salmonella was linked to those. More details are available from Food Safety News.