Subway Surpasses McDonalds: Good or Bad?

For a long time, the McDonalds chain of hamburger fast food restaurants has been the largest chain in the world with restaurants in almost every country and all major cities. Many American cities have thousands of the Golden Arches, some only a few blocks apart.

Now, the Subway sandwich shop chain has surpassed McDonalds for the number of stores around the world. According to the Wall Street Journal, Subway now has about 1,000 more locations worldwide than Mickey Dees. Bloomberg News says the sub sandwich chain can credit in part its $5 footlong campaign for much of that growth.

The question that comes to my mind is: Is this a good thing?

I think most people will agree the Subway sandwiches are a bit healthier than the usual fare at McDonalds. But that is not the same as being a healthy choice. As fattening as most of the McDonalds menu can be, Subway has some pretty calorie-swollen options as well. Both restaurant chains, to their credit, offer some low-fat, low carbohydrate choices. These, however, are not their top sellers.

Personally, as an occasional treat, I like things on both menus. How can you resist the fatty, juicy, filling goodness of a Quarter Pounder with Cheese? And McDonalds has long been a leader in good-tasting french fries. But that’s a whole day’s worth of calories and fat in one meal.

At Subway, I’m partial to either their Seafood Sensation, even though it uses imitation crabmeat, or the oven roasted chicken sandwich. And that footlong deal is hard to pass up even when you know it’s too much food. On the healthy side, they offer some low-fat side options like baked potato chips.

I think the healthiness of Subway’s food over McDonalds is a lot of perception. Both have better options. But Subway is a lot of bread and McDonalds is a lot of fat in their most popular items. But if I had to pick one, I’d say Subway is the better option. But you can make a good sandwich or salad at home for a lot less money.

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