Kitchen Basics – Part 11: Toasters

All you really need, of course, is something that makes toast, bagels, English muffins, waffles and toaster pastries. There are a lot of frozen products on the market now made to work in a toaster.

A New Collection Of Kitchen Appliances

Just in time for the holiday gift giving season, our friends at Krups, those great coffeemaker people, have come up with something new.

More Microwave Uses

There’s a reason I call this appliance worth the valuable counter space it takes.

Take It Slow, Even In Summer

For my money, a slow cooker is a useful appliance. Although it’s not usually worth keeping on the countertop all the time, it is worth finding some storage space for when you’re not using it.

Kitchen Basics – Part 11: Toasters

Is there any better icon of modern American life than the humble toaster?