Recipe Bi-Curious

It is about the decline of cooking prowess in the American South. We believe this decline can be seen all across the country.

Top Chef Good or Bad for Foodies?

What do you think about Top Chef? Interesting reality TV or food porn?

Kids Improve School Lunches

Recently, a nationwide contest called Cooking Up Change challenged high school kids to come up with dishes that were easy to prepare, met federal nutrition guidelines and could be made for around $1, yes, one-dollar, per meal.

What’s Hot In Food Trends This Year

Marketing and public relations guru Andrew Freeman has declared what’s hot and what’s not in food and restaurant trends for 2011.

Even Famous Chefs Can Make Bad Food

Oliver is in trouble with the health authorities back in his native Britain.

Why Go There If You Don’t Like What They Serve?

In a recent interview with Details magazine, Chang talked about his style and other issues, including his complaints about customers.

Food Revolution Starts At Home

The part which did get through seemed centered on helping people at home learn more about nutrition, healthy eating and good cooking. And that’s what we’ve been talking about in The Bachelor’s Kitchen!

LA Schools: Oliver Welcome Without Cameras

They blame the distortions of reality television for their refusal to allow Oliver to film in Los Angeles public schools.

Are You Watching The New Food Revolution?

Chef Jaime Oliver is at it again, this time in Los Angeles. And he’s having even more trouble than he did with a couple of disgruntled lunch ladies in Huntington, Virginia.

What’s Hot, What’s Not This Year

I want to pass along to you some of the hot food trends for this year, according to the editors of Eat Well Magazine.