Summer Cookbooks — Into The Orange

Every recipe had something new to add to your vegetable repertoire, and every page looks like a centerfold.

Summer Cookbooks — Grinnin’ and Grillin’

Naturally, cooking on an open fire on a grill just seems to be a required activity in the summer. Especially for men. So, one new cookbook The Bachelor’s Kitchen has looked at, even though we rarely grill, is from a true master of the medium. Planet Barbecue!: 309 Recipes, 60 Countries, by Steven Raichlen, (paperback, […]

Summer Cookbooks — Cocktails In The Shade

As we continue our look at summer cookbooks, we now go out on the veranda for something cold and wet.

Summer Cookbooks — Fruit Solutions

This book takes all that fruit and gives you plenty of ideas of what you can do with them.

More Summer Cookbooks — Putting Things Together

How many times have you found yourself cluelessly eyeing a heap of vegetables 10 minutes before dinner and hoping it tastes good sauteed with garlic?

More Summer Cookbooks – Eat Local

Today’s book continues the joys of local food, a movement that is gaining ground in the U.S. every day.