Better School Lunches Coming This Year

This article from Food Safety News says many school districts are upgrading their lunch programs thanks to a new law passed by Congress in December.

Avoid The Snack Trap

Those snacks can destroy all the work we’re doing to eat better and stay healthy.

The Hunger Challenge

Can you eat for $5 a day?

Local School Districts Battling Childhood Obesity

That’s because children typically spend at least six hours a day in school and many eat both breakfast and lunch there, so educators have a lot of input into what’s being served.

Muffins Can Be Healthy

Believe it or not, eating healthy muffins can help you lose weight.

What’s Hot, What’s Not This Year

I want to pass along to you some of the hot food trends for this year, according to the editors of Eat Well Magazine.

Weight Watchers Members Upset At New Points System

The new plan takes into account the kind of calories and nutritional value of food. And, boy, are people upset!

Making A Bad Thing Worse

The new trend in fast food is making it even worse for you.

Peppers Can Help Lose Weight?

Research shows that dihydrocapsiate (DCT) –a chemical found in a strain of mild chile peppers — has helped some people boost their metabolism without the tongue-burning side effects.

Veggie Love — Why Is It So Fruitless?

I’m trying to increase my vegetables and fruits and cut back on the amount of meat in my meals.