Soak That Meat

If you buy a prepared marinade from the grocery store, you deserve to lose your money. You can make your own marinade in just a few minutes. Also, you can make it to suit your own tastes and needs.

Recipes: Morning woo… er, bread

So, after paying my rent, the funds are a little low. I was out of bread, but wanted some bread to have with my eggs. Making regular bread takes too long. But you can make a really easy flat bread with very few ingredients you should already have around the house. This can be used […]

More Thanksgiving Tips: Save Money, Too

If you’re hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner, you could easily spend hundreds of dollars. You could also spend well under that if you plan ahead and shop frugally.

Holiday Entertaining: Wow ‘Em With Paté

Paté is basically some sort of chopped liver. The most famous version of this is froi gras, chopped liver of a goose or duck. But you can make your own simple paté right at home without the big expense.

Food Prices May Get Even Higher

A few we ago, The Bachelor’s Kitchen warned you that food prices were going to go up significantly because of the midwest drought. Now one commentator is saying those earlier estimates may be far lower than what it really will be.

Can You Eat Locally Grown For Less?

Ask yourself this question: what did people eat before there were grocery stores? Not only did they raise much of their own food, they also ate from the food already around them.

The Hunger Challenge

Can you eat for $5 a day?

Kids Improve School Lunches

Recently, a nationwide contest called Cooking Up Change challenged high school kids to come up with dishes that were easy to prepare, met federal nutrition guidelines and could be made for around $1, yes, one-dollar, per meal.

The Incredible Shrinking Tuna Can

I don’t think this is fair. It leads consumers to believe they’re paying the same, even though they are getting less food for the money.

You Can Eat Well On Food Stamps

Ed Murrieta worked in virtually all aspects of the food industry, from line cook to restaurant reviewer. Now unemployed, he’s cobbling together meals with help from local churches and food banks. Like 39 million Americans in similar straits, he’s stretching his food stamps as far as he can.