Thanksgiving Only A Month Away

Walking through the grocery store the other day, I noticed all the stuff for Thanksgiving was already out. Baking supplies. Frozen Turkeys. Pumpkins. It made me realize that although it may seem awfully early, it’s time to start planning. Even though we haven’t passed Halloween yet, I have learned that for bachelors, planning is key to having a trouble-free event, no matter what it is. In fact, advance planning makes shopping, cooking and even eating easier and healthier.

As a bachelor, I rarely cook a whole turkey. Unless I have other people over, it’s a lot of work for way too much food. I’d be eating turkey for a month. While I like it, that’s just a little too much.

If you live alone, don’t be afraid to make something else. Turkey may be traditional, but you’d be better off with something smaller rather than rely on a frozen dinner or one of those processed turkey loaves swimming in salt-laden gravy.

A good choice is just a plain old chicken. You’ll get a few meals out of it and it goes better with a wider variety of side dishes. It’s easier to cook goes a lot faster.

A duck is also a good choice if you like duck. A little extra care has to be taken to ensure something that isn’t dripping with grease, but it’s not that hard.

A goose is a good choice if you want to do something different and you’re having just a few people over. But the same rules as cooking a duck apply. You can usually find goose in the frozen meat area of your grocery.

Another good choice for one is a Cornish game hen. These are just the right size for one, you cook them the same as a chicken and there’s no leftovers.

Whatever your choice, remember that this is a holiday for relaxing and enjoying the bounty of the harvest. It’s not the time to stress over cooking or entertaining or even spending a holiday on your own. There’s always football to watch, at least. And don’t think you have to cook a bird. Ham, roast beef, whatever you like is all good.

I’m not a holiday person. But Thanksgiving at least has a few redeeming qualities that we all can share. Over the next few days and weeks, I’ll be giving the lowly bachelor a few tips I’ve picked up along the way. If you have some you’d like to add, please enter a comment by clicking on the link below. I’d also love an article or two about your Thanksgiving experiences. Just email them to