The Everlasting Cheeseburger

We’ve all heard about Twinkies, the snack cake with no natural ingredients that will last forever. We’ve heard that after a nuclear disaster, the humble cockroach will be one of the few creatures to survive. So, that means after a nuclear war, the only things left will be cockroaches and Twinkies. Now you can add the Quarter Pounder with Cheese to the list of things that will survive for years and years.

“Ever since Morgan Spurlock held up that jar of mysteriously well-preserved fries in “Super Size Me,” the list of exhibits in the McDonald’s museum of food-that-refuses-go-bad has grown exponentially. The latest entrant is the Happy Meal Project, a burger and a packet of fries that have soldiered on undecayed for 143 days.”

That’s the beginning of a new article on our News Page. Scientist say the there’s more than just preservatives that keep McDonalds meals holding on like some zombie food. Check the News Page for more details.