Time For Thanksgiving Planning

Two things are apparent to us in The Bachelor’s Kitchen:

  1. It’s not too early to start planning for Thanksgiving, and
  2. Thanksgiving will be different this year because of Covid.

Yes, we know we haven’t even got past Halloween yet, but it is time to begin planning for the big feast in November. Even if you’re a bachelor and not planning to do much for dinner, you still need to have some idea now what you will do. Shopping and other preparations for a meal like this just can’t be done at the last minute unless you plan on having a frozen dinner.

Early planning is even more important this year than in the past. Big gatherings of family and friends from all over are out. Smaller gatherings of the immediate family or a few friends will be the new normal now.

The turkey industry is in a tough spot. People are scaling back their usual plans and are predicted to want smaller turkeys this year. However, turkey farms in this country raise hybrid birds that are bigger, heavier and with huge breasts. To get smaller birds, they have to be slaughtered earlier which means less money because we sell turkeys by the pound. Between that and the other stressors of this year, turkey farmers are having a very difficult time.

Health officials are warning against big dinners or travel this year. If you don’t want a big turkey, how about something smaller like a goose, duck or ham? You can still have a big table, but without people crowded together. Remember, it’s not what’s on the table that’s important, it’s the people around it. Experts say planning ahead is key to make your gathering a safe one. With a smaller, more intimate group, you have more leeway in how much of the work you will do. You can assign dishes and other things to bring. If you are a bachelor celebrating alone, a nice rotisserie chicken would be ideal. If you have kids, you have to come up with something else to do Thanksgiving morning because many of the traditional parades have been canceled.

Enjoy the holiday. You might even like the smaller version. Just remember to be as safe as you can.