Today’s recalls and concerns

Is plastic lean? You might wonder if you eat a lot of the Lean Cuisine line of frozen entrees and dinners. Nestle Prepared Foods has recalled more than 10,000 pounds of its Spaghetti with Meatballs dinner become some consumer have found pieces of plastic in their dinners. No one has been injured. Click on the link above for more detailed information.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drug Administration has shut down a bean sprouts producer in Maryland because of numerous sanitation problems. Vegi-Pak Farms has agreed to stop growing, processing or holding soybean and mung bean sprouts and tofu. The products were sold in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D. C. The FDA says it found unclean equipment, flies and poor worker sanitation practices. The company will cease operations until it can demonstrate to the FDA it has cleaned up its facilities and processing.

Oak Farms Dairy in Waco, Texas has recalled half-gallon and half-pint cartons of chocolate milk for being inadequately pasteurized. The company says the problem occurred only during a two-hour window and affects a limited number of cartons. Oak Farms is still trying to find out what happened.

O.N.E Coconut Water is being recalled because of possible mold contamination. ONE World Enterprises of Los Angeles says a packaging problem with its Tetra Pack cartons is to blame. Although no illnesses have been reported, the recall was made after a number of consumers complained. Tests have not indicated any contamination. The company believes the problem may have occurred during transportation. It is continuing to investigate.