Trend Watch: Super Specialty Restaurants

Many restaurants have a long history of specializing in particular cuisines. But these days, many chefs and restaurants are specializing even further. Benchmark_Restaurant_Dining_Room_Photographed_by_Evan_Sung

A local restaurant near the Bachelor’s Kitchen specializes in waffles. Just waffles. All kinds of waffles for all times of the day. Sweet, savory, filled and plain.

This trend isn’t just at the center of American haute cuisine, New York City, but across the country. New cafés are opening that specialize in toast. Yes, just toasted bread. All kinds of bread. All kinds of toppings.

FrenchToast-14W_750x500For example, for dessert you could have an oven toasted piece of rustic bread topped with chocolate granach, olive oil and sea salt. Or steak tartar with capers and an egg yolk. Usually, the bread is made right in the restaurant for the highest quality. Sometime, these new eateries are letting the customers to the toasting right at their table. There’s even a nostalgia trip as chefs recall the toast their mom made when they were kids.

Maybe you should explore the toast options and go beyond butter and jelly.