Trick Or Treat Is Sneaking Up

I know it seems a bit early, but before you know it, people will be dressing up in funny costumes, parents will be drinking a little heavier after arguing with little Suzie about why she can’t be GI Joe for Trick or Treat, and party invitations will start going out. The stores will have on display seemingly miles of miniature candy bars, tempting even the most devout of the “Say No To Sugar” crowd. After all, it’s a holiday.

We all know kids hate anything besides the name brand candy. And parents cringe at the possibility of kids getting a popcorn ball or apple in their treat bag. Sadly, many will even turn down anything homemade from a stranger, no matter what it is. And we can’t blame them.

So, while you might want to buy a bag of candy for the kiddies who show up at your door, you might want to offer your more adult party guests something more interesting.

Remember that Halloween overlaps with the Harvest Festivals. That’s why we get the orange colors and the early onset of darkness. So anything pumpkin goes well for this holiday. There’s pumpkin bread, cookies, pies and bars and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Another tradition is the Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos, celebrated throughout Latin America, especially in Mexico. Oranges are the featured food, along with candies and cakes in the form of skeleton parts.

You can make all sorts of decorated cakes and cupcakes with spooky icing and haunted shapes.

And don’t forget the drinks. Cocktail ideas abound for a Halloween party. It can range from something simple like gin with bitters for a red, blood-like drink, to the extravagant like punch with frozen hands keeping it cool. One drink idea is called Green Grog, mixing frozen limeade, frozen lemonade, lemon-lime soda, lime sherbet and lots of rum. It’s cool, green and powerful.

I know it seems awfully early to start thinking about holidays and parties, but the time comes faster than you realize. Early preparation can make your celebrations more fun, less hectic and allow you more time to enjoy gathering with friends and family.