Vegetables For Breakfast

What? Vegetables for breakfast? No bacon? What about hash browns? Do those count?

NPR’s Eve Turow thought beyond the classic American breakfast dishes, which really derives from the typical English breakfast.

Typical American breakfasts don’t often include vegetables. Not so in other countries. I remember the shock of my first breakfast in Israel. Groggy-eyed and jet-lagged, I wandered into the hotel dining room to find a large bowl of tomato and cucumber salad, eggplant and chickpea dips, and a tomato stew with eggs known as shakshuka. Peering into the bowl of rose-red tomatoes and clear cucumber pieces, I thought, “Salad for breakfast? What are they thinking?”

But she found a whole new way to use those Market Fresh veggies. You can, too.  As Eve puts it:

“So I decided it was acceptable for me to incorporate vegetables into my breakfast. I could bake an egg in a tomato shell instead of a ramekin, or top my bagel and cream cheese with roasted eggplant, onion and bell peppers or avocado and tomato. Oh, the possibilities.”

If she sounds like a familiar name, Eve Turow is a native Chicagoan currently residing in Washington, D.C. Often she can be found wandering the stands of D.C. farmers markets. She has previously written on the topics of food and travel for a local publication in Buenos Aires, and semi-regularly blogs about food, music and travel at Bacchus & I.