Will Cooks Have To Give Up Gas Stoves?

We have a couple of quick updates on food news.

Natural Gas Banned

A typical four-burner stove and oven range.
A typical four-burner stove and oven range.

As the issues of Climate Change continue to challenge us, Gas-fired stoves are emerging as a burning issue. American cities are considering phasing out natural gas hookups to homes and businesses to reduce carbon emissions. Many restaurant and home chefs prefer cooking on gas-burning ranges, and persuading some to switch to electric stovetops is proving to be a hard sell—a sentiment the natural-gas industry has seized on to rally opposition to new local ordinances. Several cities, including San Francisco and Seattle, have given ground on the issue by exempting stoves from natural-gas bans or providing pathways for restaurants to secure waivers in an attempt to minimize blowback.

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Subway has a really hot one

And what’s one new Subway sandwich you probably won’t be seeing on the menu? It’s a brain fart from the corporate offices of Subway and it’s called The Fresh Melt. The is a triple portion of cheese on their toasted sandwich offerings. But franchises are balking at this idea. They say this slows down the ability to serve guests quickly and is dangerous for the employees, called Sandwich Artists. The problem is all that cheese becomes molten lava in the heat, presenting a burn risk for employees. The company says it is continuing to make tests on training and equipment and will make adjustments to address the franchisee’s concerns.

Important Food Recalls This Week

Our modern methods of providing food for our tables have changed a lot in the last century. Some innovations have been good, like being able to produce more food for less money. But quality has often suffered in those innovations. And that’s just one problem.

Food recalls are nearly a daily thing these days. Little Debbie Mini Nutty Buddy sandwich cookies (inspired by the popular Little Debbie Nutty Buddy Wafer Bars), were recalled for undeclared pecans. The company says they were distributed through retail stores in some cities in Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Curly leaf parsley has been recalled in five states because of possible e. Coli contamination. It had been distributed to retailers in Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Missouri.