You May Never Eat Shrimp Again

A lot of concern has been raised about food safety. The spotlight now is on eggs. A few weeks ago it was seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. Especially shrimp. The shrimping season is now open on the Gulf Coast and that seafood, the most popular in the U.S., is now hitting the markets.

Any problems? All the tests show no contamination so far. But experts say continued monitoring is warranted. But does that mean all danger is past? No, says a new article on our News Page. This story from AOL News says there is still danger out there. But it’s not Gulf shrimp that you have to worry about.

“The National Marine Fisheries Service says that 90 percent of the shrimp consumed in the U.S. is imported, mostly from China, Thailand, Ecuador, Indonesia, India, Mexico and Vietnam.

‘”About 80 percent of the seafood we eat in the U.S. is imported, but less than 2 percent of those imports are actually inspected for contaminants like filth, antibiotics, chemicals and pathogens,” Food & Water Watch’s Cufone said.’

That’s the thrust of this story. So, maybe you should take a look at our News Page and see for yourself.