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The author, James Hulsey, is an experienced writer, graphic designer, print production artist, executive assistant, journalist, prepress technician and probably a few other things. He has had three careers so far and is considering a fourth.

The Bachelor’s Kitchen Blog is about getting bachelors and other singles, like the author, to eat better and enjoy it. He wants to show those new to the kitchen, or returning to kitchen after an absence, how to get things started, what things you need and what you can do without. He hopes to present ways to make healthy, quick, economical and, most importantly, good tasting meals that don’t come in a bag or a box. Along the way, we also discuss the food industry and current trends in eating.

If you have a recipe, story, or comment you’d like to share, especially a bachelor type recipe, click on the Contact Us link, or email The Bachelor’s Kitchen at bchlrkitchen212@gmail.com, and send it to us. Not only will it appear on the Recipes page with your name on it (or an alias if you prefer), but we’ll highlight your contribution in our posts and in our daily digest, Hot Stuff. Along with the recipes, we’d love to hear the story behind it. Is this something you came on accidentally? Did you modify Aunt Sofie’s famous family secret? Was it handed down to you by a relative or friend?

If you have a question, comment, praise, criticism, idea, recipe, story, suggestion or anything else, click on the Contact Us link.


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