Don’t Waste Food, Make New Eats

Times are hard for most of us. That means we have to be smarter about our food. It’s not only important for our wallets, but for our planet as well.

Base Menus On Grocery Sale Items

I don’t know of any grocery store, no matter the size, independent or chain, that doesn’t publish in some way a flier of their sale items that week. No matter how this information is available, it’s worth the effort to find them and use them to make your grocery list.

Buy Large, Cook Large, But Be Selective

Many people have learned about the joys of buying in bulk. Yes, the deals can be quite good. But that’s only if you have the space to deal with it.

Sardines: A Canned Hidden Treasure

These little canned fish have a lot more nutrition than the usual frozen fish fillets we see all the time in people’s freezers.

Zen Cooking When Times Improve

Cooking can be a form of meditation and it can bring you insights into yourself and the nature of food.

More Grocery Shopping Tips

Make grocery shopping less of a chore and save money at the same time.

Things We Can Learn From Our Grandparents

Eating on the cheap is usually important for bachelors. These days, it’s more important for everyone.

Travel Tip For The Hungry Bachelor

You are not destined to have that fast food airport concourse cheeseburger and fries or other over-priced concessions. But like many healthy bachelor strategies, it takes a little planning ahead.

Why Should You Learn To Cook?

Cooking at home can take a little time and a little planning. But the money saved and the health benefits will offset that investment in time.

Are Farmers Markets More Expensive?

There are many factors that affect the price you pay at a farmers market.