Make Your Own Salad Dressings

One of the easiest, most versatile dressings is Honey Mustard. Not only is this good on salads, but it’s great with chicken breasts, vegetables, pork and fish.

Great Balls of Meat

This staple of Italian cuisine has now been elevated to gourmet status by leading chefs.

The Secret Ingredient People Say They Hate

They’ve been eating anchovies all along and probably didn’t know it.

Trend Watch: Super Specialty Restaurants

Explore the toast options and go beyond butter and jelly.

Too Many Rules, Not Enough Time

Angelou says we Americans rush around too much. The time spent cooking and eating good food should not be seen as unproductive, but rather a time to nourish more than our bodies.

Vegetables Becoming Fashionable Now, Too

It’s time to bring back the joy of cooking and eating vegetables and put meat back in its place.

Better School Lunches Coming This Year

This article from Food Safety News says many school districts are upgrading their lunch programs thanks to a new law passed by Congress in December.

A Mighty Mouth Contains Foot of the South

Her openness made millions of viewers watch her programs, seek out her restaurant, buy her cookbooks and merchandise. Her openness also got her into trouble.

Food Diplomacy

We know that food is important in any celebration or gathering. But can food lead to international peace and understanding?

Chef or cook?

I was just wondering: what is the difference between a chef and a cook? To me, a chef is someone who has had professional training and worked his/her way up through the ranks of a professional kitchen, from prep cook, to line cook and sous chef. Also, I think a chef is innovative, not just […]