A Good Snack

Hummus is essentially a chickpea dip. You can adjust the taste according to what you like: more garlic, less olive oil, whatever.

Foods To Avoid Before Bedtime

We have identified some foods which should be avoided before bed. And some of these foods are painful to give up.

Almond cookies a staple around the world

Real Chinese desserts are available, and they usually are very close to what one would find in China. It’s almond cookies.

Foods To Help You Sleep

If you’re having trouble sleeping, and everyone does from time to time, you can reach for a good meal instead of a bottle of sleeping pills.

Cooking Vegetables: Peas

Peas are actually a fruit because they are edible seeds. They are usually grown in cooler climates, planted in the late winter and harvested in early to mid summer.

Happy Halloween!

The Bachelor’s Kitchen wishes you a Happy Halloween. And it’s okay to have a little candy while you hand it out to the kids. Enjoy the day and watch out for small monsters.

Be Cautious With Foods Labelled ‘Natural’

What does “natural” mean?

National Ice Cream Month

Take a sundae to lunch! July is National Ice Cream month. Sounds like a good idea to me. Marvelously, we not only have low-fat ice creams, but we now have No Sugar Added ice cream. Is it as good? Of course not. But it’s better than no ice cream at all! What I’d like to […]

Can Carrots Replace Junk Food?

This story begins a few years ago when a carrot farmer didn’t like all the waste in supermarket carrot sales. He created Baby Carrots, those little rounded carrot pieces in the plastic bag, washed and ready to eat.

Holiday Entertaining: Wow ‘Em With Paté

Paté is basically some sort of chopped liver. The most famous version of this is froi gras, chopped liver of a goose or duck. But you can make your own simple paté right at home without the big expense.