Wonderful Indoor Barbecued Ribs

This is a fool-proof method we use all the time in The Bachelor’s Kitchen. We think once you try it and see how easy it is to get wonderful barbecue ribs without a grill all year long it will be a favorite of yours, too.

A Late Night Snack Like No Other

Like rice, this is a dish that is very simple, but also takes practice to get right.

Making Time to Cook Worth It

Having time to cook when you’re single is a matter of strategy. If you plan ahead you can eat better without being tied to the kitchen.

You DO Have Time To Cook

The key to cooking at home is strategy.

Why White Rice & Flour?

Brown rice and whole wheat contain fat that can spoil in a relatively short amount of time.

Cooking Rice

Rice is one of the best staple foods we can eat. It is easy to digest, easy to cook, and gentle on your body’s systems.

Grilling: It’s Not Just For American Backyards

Isn’t it funny how so many men are masters of the grill but get lost in their own kitchen?

Six Uncommon Condiments – Pantry Extras

Ketchup move over! Here’s six new condiments to consider.

No Microwave Popcorn, Ever! Please?

What’s wrong with microwave popcorn? Well, do you know what’s in it? No? Neither does anyone else.

You Do Have Time To Cook

You DO have the time. But it takes a little forethought and planning.