kitchen basics

Kitchen Basics: Appliances

The one common element in a small kitchen is a lack of counter space and cabinet space. That means you have to make careful choices, not only about what sits on the counter, but what gets stashed in the cabinet.

Pantry Basics: Vinegar

The vinegars you choose for your kitchen will depend on what you like to eat and what kinds of cooking you do. I actually have four kinds of vinegar in my kitchen, although only two of them I use regularly.

The Frozen Pantry

Today we’re exploring that cold environment for items you should always have on hand to make quick, easy, nutritious meals.

Knife set in block.

Kitchen Basics: Knives

You should have either a wooden knife block or a magnetic strip. The blocks usually come with a knife set. The magnetic strips are great if you have the wall space and no small children around.

How To Choose A Sheet Pan

Baking sheets and cookie sheets, they are all the same thing. When your stocking your first kitchen, it doesn’t matter much how good it is as long as it does what’s needed. But as you grow in kitchen experience, you’ll find you want something a little better.