The Rise of Veganism

Too often the fare for those who don’t eat meat is just a collection of side dishes. I’ve also noticed that too many vegetarians are looking for meat replacements like veggie burgers and fake bacon. This is the wrong approach.

Zen Cooking When Times Improve

Cooking can be a form of meditation and it can bring you insights into yourself and the nature of food.

Great Balls of Meat

This staple of Italian cuisine has now been elevated to gourmet status by leading chefs.

Too Many Rules, Not Enough Time

Angelou says we Americans rush around too much. The time spent cooking and eating good food should not be seen as unproductive, but rather a time to nourish more than our bodies.

Vegetables Becoming Fashionable Now, Too

It’s time to bring back the joy of cooking and eating vegetables and put meat back in its place.

Throw Away The Book

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: get your nose out of the cookbook and put it over the pot.

A Mighty Mouth Contains Foot of the South

Her openness made millions of viewers watch her programs, seek out her restaurant, buy her cookbooks and merchandise. Her openness also got her into trouble.

The Science of Cooking

As geeks, we like talking about how cooking is a lot like science.

Recipe Bi-Curious

It is about the decline of cooking prowess in the American South. We believe this decline can be seen all across the country.

Oliver Does America

What he found, as NPR says in it’s summary of his interview on a recent edition of Talk of the Nation, was that there really wasn’t a quintessential American food. He found that our tradition of immigrants has given us a rich cuisine with flavors from around the world.