Bachelor Tip: No Special Equipment

A part of bachelor cooking for me is keeping it simple. That’s why I don’t like recipes that call for a lot of special equipment you wouldn’t use for other things.

A lot of recipes have come my way lately that require a food processor. Don’t get me wrong, I think a food processor is a great invention. But not all kitchens have them. Not all bachelors can afford them. Also, they are one of those appliances which often sit on the counter taking up space and not getting used very often. I guess it depends on how much and what kind of cooking you do. If you can afford a food processor and you have space for it, by all means, get it. But many cooks did without one for a long time, so making great dishes without them can be done. It just might take a little extra elbow grease, or it might mean making do with something that has a little rougher texture than you are used to.

The rule of thumb is to always look all the way through a recipe before you even buy any of the ingredients. Sometimes you can find a way to do things without special equipment or appliance. But sometimes, it just doesn’t work. Be creative, but don’t beat your head against the wall. There are plenty of other things to make. You can always have a wish list.