I'm a bachelor. I like to cook. I've learned a lot about dealing with a small kitchen, eating on very little money and coping with heart disease and diabetes. I've been a writer, reporter, broadcaster, assistant, jeweler, small business owner, graphic production artist, designer and pre-press technician. There may be other titles but those are the highlights.

Recipe: Slow Cooker Chili

It can be paired with a salad, a sandwich (especially good with peanut butter), cornbread, crackers, pasta, potatoes and lots of other things.

Get Over Food Guilt

Food should not be a measurement of our character. Amy Spencer, writing on Health.com, hit the nail on the head when she noted that eating has become a moral judgement.

Trick Or Treat Is Sneaking Up

While you might want to buy a bag of candy for the kiddies who show up at your door, you might want to offer your more adult party guests something more interesting.