What Is Best Way To Reheat Pizza?

One might get the impression we don’t like pizza here in The Bachelor’s Kitchen. But that would not be accurate. We have pizza in our kitchen, usually delivered, a few times a month. I like to order an extra large one so there are leftovers for later.

That gives us a whole new problem, how to re-heat the pizza and have it taste good. Sure, we have all had cold pizza the next morning when we were young. And we’ve all probably put the slices in the microwave to heat up. But that microwaved pizza comes out chewy and tough. Fortunately, there is a better way, in fact, we think it’s the best way. Try it and you’ll see.

Years ago, I took a long drive to another state to visit an old friend who had moved there for a job. When I made the arrangements with him over the telephone, he asked me to get a pizza from a local pizza chain that’s very popular and unique to this area. I warned him that as I was leaving in the early morning, so would have to pick up the pizza the night before, then take a 12-hour drive and hope the pie would survive.

Naturally, my friend was eager to get this pizza. He took out a clean skillet and began heating pieces of pizza in the pan. I had never seen that before. And it worked.

I forgot about that for a long time, until I had some leftover pizza in the fridge and decided to give it a try instead of the microwave. I discovered the absolute best way to reheat pizza so that it is better than when it was fresh.

Start with the largest nonstick pan or griddle you have. Place it on medium heat. Take a piece or two and lay them into the pan as flat as you can without overlapping. Don’t move them around too much, but from time to time, shift the pieces around in the pan so they heat evenly. It takes about five minutes for the pizza to heat up and for the crust to become a crispy base. This can be even better than when the pizza is fresh.

Does this mean you have an extra dish or two to clean? Yes. But it will be worth it.