Looking to give something different this year?

Make your own themed gift baskets We all go through the usual holiday gift-giving dilemma: What to give that will be appreciated but not too expensive. Well, we have a few ideas.  In previous years we’ve talked about homemade holiday food gifts like easy hot chocolate mix, infused oils, flavored spirits and the usual cookie […]

What happened to our Facebook page?

We have been trying for weeks to update our Facebook page, but we are unable to access it. Of course, Facebook Help Center isn’t. Helpful, that is. So, for the time being, please sign up for regular email updates to see new posts and information. We are sorry about this.

Build a Better Cheeseburger, Make Soup

This soup is rich, with lots of vegetables and cheese.

Skip The Take-Out, Make Your Own ‘Obvious Noodles’

The Chinese invented pasta and you will find noodles and dumplings all across Asian cuisine. But nothing you will get at most Chinese restaurants in the U. S. is really Chinese; they are adapted to American tastes and ingredients. So, what you are really eating is Chinese American food.  You do not need to order […]

That Was A Long Break

We have been away for several months now. Well, not really away. Just busy. But we want to assure you The Bachelor’s Kitchen has not burned down or closed or anything like that. We have, however, been involved in other things for a while. We really want to get back to delivering to you regular […]

Summer Eating: Cold Soup

We can take a page from warmer climes and come up with some cold soup ideas that make a great accompaniment to sandwiches, light snack or salads — in short, summertime fare

It’s Boxing Day!

We don’t celebrate this holiday much anymore. Traditionally, it was when the lord and lady of the manor gave small boxes and the day off to their servants. Gifts were also given to purveyors, like butchers and grocers, and to other service providers like post carriers and taxi cab drivers. Inside the boxes are usually […]

Happy Winter Solstice!

Today is the first day of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere North of the Tropic of Cancer. The tropical zone doesn’t have winter. There are many festivals associated with this holiday. China has a big one. The Winter Festival is full of dumplings and other foods. It’s called the Dongzhi Festival. In many Northern European […]

Happy Independence Day, America!

Enjoy a nice cookout followed by some fireworks displays.

We’re back!

We’ve been away for a while due to many other things happening in our lives. But Autumn is finally here and it’s time to get back to work. So expect more posts very soon.