Happy Independence Day, America!

Enjoy a nice cookout followed by some fireworks displays.

We’re back!

We’ve been away for a while due to many other things happening in our lives. But Autumn is finally here and it’s time to get back to work. So expect more posts very soon.

Garlic Beef Stir Fry

Regular readers of this blog know our fondness for the stir-fry method of cooking. It is quick, easy and can be very flavorful, adjusted to your own taste. Also, stir frying can be applied to a wide range of ingredients. This can easily accommodate a weekly pot of rice. Cook the rice first. While that’s […]

Another Way To Make Really Good Coffee

What we discovered was one of the best cups of coffee we’ve ever had.

Happy Thanksgiving

The big day is here and there’s nothing more you can do to prepare for this big holiday feast. Be sure to enjoy this day. Get out of the kitchen as soon as you can. Enlist the help of your guests to clean up. And remember: it’s not what’s on your table, it’s about the […]

Build a Better Cheeseburger, Make Soup

This soup is rich, with lots of vegetables and cheese.

Thanks for all the fish…

We just wanted loyal readers to know we are still here and will return to our usual schedule of posts very soon. So, keep coming back and see what’s new. OR… Better yet, use the handy subscription form in the right column to get a regular delivery of Hot Stuff, with the latest postings in […]

Summer produce At Its Peak

Corn, tomatoes and zucchini are especially good this time of year.

Summer Eating: Cold Soup

We can take a page from warmer climes and come up with some cold soup ideas that make a great accompaniment to sandwiches, light snack or salads — in short, summertime fare

We’ll Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Posts Shortly

Just wanted to step in here and say we at The Bachelor’s Kitchen have been very busy lately. We won’t go into all the things that have been happening. But we want you to know we will be continuing our posts here very soon. Thanks for sticking with us.