A Quick and Easy Spaghetti Sauce

It’s the end of the month. Money is short. You’re tired of ramen. What’s a quick, easy, filling dish you can make after you get home from work? Good old spaghetti, just like when you were a kid. It’s cheap, it’s filling, it’s quick and easy. For most bachelors, you’ll like pick up a jar […]

It’s Time To Plan Your Food Prep Campaign

In The Bachelor’s Kitchen you have planned out your meals for the week. You used your grocery store ad and recipes to make your grocery list. You did your shopping and now you’re home. You have all your containers and tools ready. Now you just have to find that hour a week to do your […]

Attention Subscribers to Hot Stuff

If you currently receive our regular email alerting you to a. new post, you might be seeing some changes. If you are not yet a subscriber to Hot Stuff, we will be coming out with a new email service soon. We hope you will consider joining the list then. We have been notified by Google’s […]

Don’t Make These Common Cooking Mistakes

Cooking is both an art and a skill. Whether you are a talented cook or a newbie to the kitchen, people cooking at home can produce dishes that are not as good as they could be. The big problems are temperature of pans and ingredients, not resting hot food or not following food safety rules. […]

Pepper, A Universal Spice

Black pepper is a standard seasoning for just about everything, even some sweets. White green and red peppercorns come from the same plant. They are drupes, berry-like seed husks. Ripe fruit is red. Unripe fruit is green and used to make black pepper. History tells us that pepper was so important to cooking and eating […]

What is the Bachelor’s Kitchen Eating Plan?

This blog is all about helping single men (and women and others) eat better.  A typical bachelor eating pattern consists of pizza, fast food and frozen dinners. That is unhealthy, it’s also expensive and lacking in joy. Cooking your own food is not just cheaper, it’s healthier. Even if you make some sweet, fatty food, […]

Meat Magic In A Pan Sauce

If you want to elevate any meat to restaurant quality, just add a simple pan sauce. The meat should rest for a few minutes before serving. That leaves you time to create this lovely addition that will knock your socks off.  A pan sauce uses the fond, or the browned bits left on the bottom […]

Just a few tools make restaurant-quality steak

You can get a steak-house quality hunk of beef at home, if you have the right tools.   The biggest advantage a restaurant has that you do not in your home kitchen is the level of heat that can be delivered to the food. But you can make up for that difference with a simple, […]

Looking to give something different this year?

Make your own themed gift baskets We all go through the usual holiday gift-giving dilemma: What to give that will be appreciated but not too expensive. Well, we have a few ideas.  In previous years we’ve talked about homemade holiday food gifts like easy hot chocolate mix, infused oils, flavored spirits and the usual cookie […]

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