White wines: Which one?

Recently, we reviewed some of the most well known, popular red wines. Now it’s time to look at the whites.

Summer Bubbles

Sparkling wines can be just as much fun in summer as they are on New Year’s Eve or other special occasions. And you don’t need a special occasion to have a bit of the bubblie.

Keep Your Wine In Good Shape

Keep your wine in the best possible quality.

What Wine Goes With That?

You’ve probably heard that there are rules about selecting wines. But I say throw those all out the window. The best wine is the wine you like.

What’s the difference between wines?

Wine is the oldest intoxicating drink known to humankind. It is made from various juices all around the world.

Dining Basics – Part 3: Glasses, Cups & Mugs

To me, plates, flatware and everything else on the table are just practical ways to get the food to your mouth. I am not impressed by fancy china, silver utensils or crystal glassware.

Dining Basics – Part 2: Flatware

You don’t need steak knives or salad forks. What you need are some standard dinner forks, some butter or table knives, some teaspoons and some table or soup spoons.

Dining Basics – Part 1: Plates

Dinnerware is something that can be amazingly cheap or fantastically expensive.