Don’t Like Veggies? We Can Help.

Summer is a great time to expand your palette of vegetables and see what you’re missing.

Spring Foods Are Coming

Many fruits and vegetables begin showing up in stores as early as March, depending on where you live.

Local Food Movement Gains Big Money

According to the U. S. Department of Agriculture, nearly $5 BILLION of local market fruits and vegetables are going to supermarkets and restaurants.

Can You Eat Locally Grown For Less?

Ask yourself this question: what did people eat before there were grocery stores? Not only did they raise much of their own food, they also ate from the food already around them.

The Market Revisited

I love going to this market. To me, this is the way we should be shopping rather than in sterile supermarkets.

Farmers Markets Facing Increasing Fraud

Thanks to the increased popularity of these direct growers-to-consumers selling venues, tricksters and con men are seeing a ripe hunting ground for easy marks.

Maybe They Are Getting It

It may be that the USDA is changing its ways and seeing the value of small producers of local food.

Realities of Eating Local

We’ve talked before about the Local Food Movement. On our News Page today we have a piece from National Public Radio (aired this morning) about institutional kitchens. Imagine how hard it might be to use locally produced food when you have to prepare hundreds of meals every day. Please take a look at this piece, […]