That’s A Knife – Part 2: Hold Me

Whether you buy a knife set or individual knives, take time to examine what you intend to buy.

Now That’s A Knife

Knife skills are important in the kitchen. That means you need to learn how to buy, use and care for them.

Grilling: It’s Not Just For American Backyards

Isn’t it funny how so many men are masters of the grill but get lost in their own kitchen?

Kitchen Intermediates: Food Processor

While it has saved many cooks a lot of time, it hasn’t been quite as dependable as most of us hope for taking up that very valuable countertop space.

Kitchen Intermediates: Blender

This common kitchen appliance is a descendant of the drink mixer, most commonly found in restaurants and drug store lunch counters.

Kitchen Basics – Part 9: Measuring tools

The thing to remember is there are three kinds of measurements for food ingredients in the home kitchen: weight, dry volume and liquid volume.

Another Way To Make Really Good Coffee

What we discovered was one of the best cups of coffee we’ve ever had.

Ready For Thanksgiving?

It doesn’t matter whether you are cooking for just you and a few friends, or you’re making a big family dinner. You need to be ready.

Kitchen Basics: Bakeware

In addition to pots and pans that are used on the cooktop (burners) of the stove, you also need things that can go into the oven.

Kitchen Intermediates: Saucepans

In addition to the medium-large saucepan, I recommend having at least one other size. A small saucepan, about one to one-and-a-half quart size, is very useful.