Is Your Olive Oil Really Virgin?

Most of the oils that tested were not pure extra virgin olive oil. In fact, two-thirds of the imported extra virgin olive oils tested failed to make the grade.

Clarity in Olive Oil Labelling

There are so many kinds of oil, so many brands. There are oil from familiar names of our childhoods and names we’ve never heard of. How are you supposed to choose?

Picking Summer Vegetables

We should all have at least three meals a week that have no meat.

Strawberries: Can You Pick The Sweetest?

A sweet, fruity aroma is a much better indicator of what lies beneath the rosy exterior than the rosy exterior itself.

Read Those Ingredients

I never see anyone in the grocery store reading the labels.

Organic Food Now Facing Fraud

The good news is that organic food is catching on more and more. The bad news is that the increasing popularity and higher prices are attracting crooks.

Are Farmers Markets More Expensive?

There are many factors that affect the price you pay at a farmers market.

It’s Famers Markets Time Again

One of the joys of late spring and through the summer is shopping at the local farmers markets.

More Thanksgiving Tips: Save Money, Too

If you’re hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner, you could easily spend hundreds of dollars. You could also spend well under that if you plan ahead and shop frugally.

What Do Food Labels Really Mean?

But what good are all those labels if no one reads them or understands them? Here, then, is a brief primer on exactly what those labels mean and what they don’t mean.